Bio-etanol: Como resultado al convertir el bagazo generado por la valorización de residuos BPP denominada Value+, durante el proceso de producción del bio-etanol y de los residuos orgánicos generados en la obtención de su materia prima.

The BPP valorization of waste called Value+, can be used to convert the bagasse generated in the production process of bio-ethanol and organic waste generated in obtaining its raw material, to:

Produce a multifunctional liquid product, METILAL +, which can serve, among other uses, as an additive to improve the properties of the mixture of bio-ethanol with gasoline: Water Absorber, Toxic Emissions Reducer, Carbon Remover and Injector Cleaner. Because the product is an additive, the hydrocarbon tax does not apply and it is produced in a profitable, clean and environmentally friendly way. The investment is recoverable within 3 to 4 years, depending on the installed power and the value of the replaced product.

BPP technologies used: