Industries that generate waste such as bagasse, rice straw or husk, almond shells, olive pits, orujo, sawdust, forest pruning and energy crops, among others, can benefit from the following.

The BPP valorization of waste called Value+, can use this organic waste to:

Generate profitable electric or thermal energy, in an exceptionally efficient, clean and environmentally friendly way, surpassing by up to 20% the efficiency of current valorization technologies. The investment is recoverable within 4 to 6 years depending on the cost and the price of the energy and the installed power. The heat left over from the process can be used to dry biomass and thus increase stock rotation and save storage space.

Produce a multifunctional liquid product that can serve as raw material for the production of plastics, or as a solvent, foamer or additive to improve the properties of diesel and gasoline. This product is produced in a cost-effective, clean and environmentally friendly way. The investment is recoverable within 3 to 4 years, depending on the installed power and the sale price of the final product.

BPP technologies used: