What is BPP?

VALUE+: Waste to CO2-free Hydrogen and Carbonates: Blueplasma Power has a patented technology to convert into CO2-free Hydrogen and Circular Carbonates the very difficult waste to valorize (mixed plastics, textiles, foams, paper, …) that nowadays are going to landfills or incineration. We can do it on-site, at a small scale and very profitably.

Therefore we solve 2 main problems:

1) Circularity: Not only we do avoid the landfilling and the high economic cost of having to manage the waste, but we also obtain a valuable product from it on the market (CO2-free hydrogen and Carbonates) at a cost that allows it to compete with Grey-Hydrogen.

2) Decarbonization: By reducing fossil energy consumption with Zero CO2 emissions.

VALUE+ pilot plant was co-financed by the European Commission Projects (H2020 and LIFE) 2016-2021 with more than 1,000 hours of operations, testing many feedstocks.

Potential Customers: i) Bio-methane Plants: We can convert solid digestate into CO2-free Hydrogen ii) Manufacturing industries: We reduce natural gas consumption by replacing it with the CO2-free Hydrogen generated on-site with their own waste (Pulp & Paper, Plastic industries,....)

GAS+: Natural gas steam reforming to produce hydrogen at atmospheric pressure and moderate temperature, using an own patented hydro-photo-catalytic process assisted with a steam plasma torch. This process is capable of reducing the use of natural gas up to 20%.

GAS+ pilot plant was built and tested co-financed by IVACE (spanish national entity for funding innovative technologies).